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Friend of mine asked me about making a 1960s/1970s type of speaker. Big baffle. I need some advice on the woofer. I'm pretty sure the midrange I'll be using is 92.5dB/2.83v, so I'm looking for a highish efficiency woofer. I'd like 8", but not sure those will go deep enough, so I'm considering larger. These may cross around 400hz to the mid. Currently considering Beyma 8P300Fe/N, BMS 10RS300, Eminence 10" Kappa Pro LF, Eminence 12" Kappalite 3012LF, and Eminence Deltalite 2512 II. Any other drivers and considerations I should consider?
Forgot to attach the driver data. Also considering the Dayton PA255.


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You have listed more modern type drivers. 12” is a good starting point.
We're just looking for a certain aesthetic, I don't think my friend wants a gigantic box. And I'd prefer modern driver performance. If we do go 12" I'm leaning towards the Eminence 3012LF. I tested the 3012HO years ago and they have a really good motor.
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Mattstat's post made me think of the recent GRS replacement for Klipsch. It is 15" and 97db sensitivity. They don't post their usual "recommended box size" and if I remember correctly I put it into WinISD and the box needed to be BIG. Likely won't work for you, but the high sensitivity jumped out at me so I wanted to mention it.

I wanted a sort of old school vibe with at least good performance, so I made pit viper speakers by Paul carmody into an ATC style cabinet, but opted out on using the stock crossover as the response was very not good, I run them active instead. It's a lot of speaker for not much in driver components. It uses the sd315a, dc130 as mid, and d27 tweeter. Idk how big they want it but I bet you could fit that all into a slightly larger than jbl l100 sized boxed.
Theres also thr SB34NRX75-6 for sealed cabs and the SB34NRXL75-8 for ported cabs. Both great paper cone woofers which can be used hugher in cutoff than most 12s and sound clean. Both are over 90dB/W sensitive and the NRXL is closer to 93dB/W. Likely the best semi pro woofer for around $300. Very low distortion and has a 3" VC, uncommon for a driver of this type.
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