Going ahead with the Yuichi 290 horn a few questions!

So I have popped a few threads regarding my next build and confident that I will go with the Visaton 890 Mk3. And drawing nearer to a conclusion that for the money its should be a great speaker except that the M300 horn that comes with it can be bettered.

So I will switch the M300 for a Yuichi 290 which according to many posts on this forum regard it as the better horns for home sound systems if not top notch for home sound systems. I will add that I am still new to horns plus the whole constant and uniform directivity approach and not sure how good the on and off axis response will be for the Yuichi 290 but they seem like a solid choice for DIY and the most similar to the Visatons M300 to best integrate with the enclosure with the Visaton.

Anyway, I will be using DSP and digital filters to make my own crossover so no need to worry about the general issues i might get with switching the horn. I am confident I can tie it in well with digital filters with the majority of the enclosure and speaker itself staying the same except for the larger horn.

Does any one have the CAD files for the horn? Many of the posts were really old and I just thought ill ask again.

Second question is am I missing anything? In general about my choice of horn? Perhaps its compatibility? Is there newer drawings of it. Anyway you get my drift....