Glue tweeter to aluminum with jb weld or screw - aluminum panel is old tweeter one - matches other drivers brackets


Should i use JB weld to bind the tweeter to the old tweeter aluminum panel or use screws? the drill bit i have is too large, so would have to get a set to match and screws to fit, as the dayton screw cutout is only for a certain size of screw.

images of the messy project. I am doing this to keep with the coral speakers aluminum surrounds.

Thank you Sam

In my World (hey, I am in the South same as you ;) ) a 2mm drill bit and 8 "combination head" (Philips + flat blade compatible) #4 by 6.5 mm - 1/4" Parker (self tapping) screws cost same or less than a couple JB weld tubes and are the prper/elegant way to go, but hey ....

Carry tweeter and ring to hardware store for a more exact suggestion, mine is a visual estimation.

Just curious: did your teeth hurt much after chomping off the old tweeters? ;)

Unless Richard Kiel helped you, that is ;)

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Thank you JM for the reply and help:) Argentina is a beautiful country. Winter would be chilly there especially in the south

Yes Richard Kiel came for lunch, saw the old tweeters sitting around and asked if he could have them for desert, i wanted to get rid of them and he took one bite out of each tweeter;) then asked for coffee to wash it down:coffee:

The real story behind though is ---- I used a 4mm drill bit and hacksaw to widen it - messy job haha for sure

I was thinking screws also for a better look, have JB weld but is very old tube. as you said will look messy. It would be about 2mm maybe 3mm. If in doubt will take in one of the old tweeter plates.
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