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Glow Audio System



Glow Amp One, Black, Good Condition, 35 hours on tubes
Glow Loudpeaker One, Silver Finish, Excellent
Glow Subwoofer, Excellent

Original boxes & packing materials.

I love this system, bought it because I thought I'd be staying put, but I'm shipping out after Thanksgiving and I have to find it a home.

The USB DAC in the Amp sounds very good -- I used this for AVI's and MP3's on my laptop. I was warned away from using the headphone jack by GLOW, but it seemed okay with my DT990's.

$450 + shipping, PM if interested.
Paypal, Visa/MC (through Paypal, +2%), Money Order.

Will consider trade for vintage MC275 in good shape.
(That's a joke, son, laugh!)