Giveaway / Raffle - Classic Aleph 30 amp boards + more (2023 Edition)

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Once again I'm offering up a pair of fully populated Aleph 30 boards. Last time I raffled off a pair that I used when developing the Classic Aleph boards for UMS chassis. Those went to the UK. This time I'm raffling off the "first gen" group buy boards (PCB Rev V1.0d).

These boards just got taken out of my monoblocks tonight after ~1.5 years of faithful service. They use very tightly matched Harris/Fairchild SFP9610's on the front end, and very tightly matched Vishay IRFP240's for the power MOSFETs. I ran these as monoblocks using 20V donuts.

Why am I doing this? I'm finally putting my "new" (~1.5 year old?) boards into my monoblocks, and I'll be experimenting with sockets for the Q1&Q2 spots to do some "MOSFET Rolling". They will also use some 90's vintage Harris IRFP240 just for fun.

Added bonus - I'll include your choice of power supply board(s) - these will not be populated.
For a single donut stereo build: 1x "New original" F5 dual rail decoupled power supply board and 2 rectifier / snubber boards
For monoblocks: 2x V8 CRCRC power supply boards, 2x CL-60/AC Cap boards, and 4 rectifier / snubber boards
For 2 donut dual-mono build: 1x W12 CRCRC power supply boards, 2x CL-60/AC Cap boards, and 4 rectifier / snubber boards

All you could want to know about these boards is in the Classic Aleph Builder's thread Post #1

If you have a chassis with +/-24v power supply you’re almost there. Drop these in and enjoy!

  • If you'll install and use them within 2 months, you're eligible. I don't want these sitting in a drawer, I want someone to enjoy the Classic Aleph sound.
  • I’ll cover shipping within the USA. Outside USA I'll cover shipping up to $10 USD. I'll ask you to cover any additional cost.
  • These parts are used, but work just fine. If for some reason they get lost in the mail or arrive damaged in transit, that’s too bad.
  • I’ll keep entry open until 12 noon Eastern time on Monday 12 June 2023. From there, I’ll take the last post that contains all entrant names, randomize with, and the person at the top spot will be the winner. I’ll post the screenshot - it’ll be the winner's responsibility to pm me with their shipping info.


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