Giveaway Ludef OPS with current mirrors (pooh with LU1014)

Hello guys,

My journey here started a few years ago. Like many of you I started with an Aleph J.

Just from the beginning one of the channels had an issue with the input jfets and at that time a very generous user aroud here( Buzzforb ) offered to send me 2 matched quartets of j74. I replaced what I had with one of his quartets and the Js played for 10 years.

Recently I encountered also Nelson’s generosity which beside sharing schematics and ideas all these years he first offered some matched lu1014 and I got 3 pairs. After that he offered also a matched pair of sjep jfets. And if this wasn’t already enough another friend that I met here offered another pair of sjeps and some other mosfets. Today I received another gift from a nice guy around here.

So in one word… I don’t know if I can ever repay all this generosity in another way than doing something similar myself.

Not long ago I built 4 output stages that I used to replace the Js. Initially I went bridged but when I realized that it’s not what I really search for, I removed one OS from each amp and went single ended. So the 2 unused ones went for sale.
Initially I went with mosfets in the OS but then I wanted to try the lu1014 jfets from Nelson so I drawn a second revision for the pcbs.

Today I changed my mind, I don’t want to give them away for money but for free, you have to pay only the shipping.

The entire story can be found in The marriage thread.

There are a few conditions that you have to meet:
-1year since you have the account here
-since this is a giveaway only for the output stage you need a front end, the winner will need to show a photo with the fe he wants to use with these.
-only one entry per user
-the mounting holes are not UMS so you will need to be able to drill them
-you can seel them if you want but not this year!

How it'll work: (I copied this part from Cody give away thread)
To enter, just copy the list of entrants, paste into a new comment, add your DIYA username to the bottom of that list and post. In 48 hours or so, I'll make a comment saying that entries are closed. I'll take the final list of entrants, paste them into an online randomizer, and the name that appears in the top (#1) position will be the winner. The winner will need to post the pics of the fe here and send a me pm with his shipping details.

Good luck!


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