Ghetto Acoustic Panels, little question


2015-11-20 10:34 pm

I am making some acoustic panels with 2" Owens Corning SelectSound® Black Acoustic Board and I would like to check something with you, to avoid problems:

a -. Is it necessary that the acoustic board is on "top" of the wood bezel?


b -. The acoustic board can be mounted flush with the wood bezel


c -. The acoustic board can be mounted 1cm "under" the wood bezel.

In any case, the wood bezel would be around 2cm thick with rounded edges... I don't know if I explained it correctly, so I will upload a little draft.

I uploaded another picture with the whole acoustic panel to show how I will cut it.

Looking forward to your help


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2015-11-20 10:34 pm
I doubt it will make a huge difference, but I would go flush or proud. I made some similar a few years back.

Thanks! I was just reading your thread!

If it does not make any huge difference , i might as well try which one is cheaper an easier to build (and better looking of course).

-i imagine the recessed mount it's probably the worst way to go, but on the other hand it's the easier to build and the "best looking", even better if instead of rounded edges on the "inside" I use 45º chamfers.