Gettinng Akabak to run

Zero D

2009-08-06 11:11 am
Some people on later OS's have found they can't run it.

Try this version & see if it works (No installer, just the files) Download - Akabak

The current AkAbak has the version-number 2.1 and is a 16bit compilation, which needs a special environment to run. The application makes use of filenames, which are formatted in the old "8.3"-DOS format.

Akabak is only tested up to MS-Windows 2000. However, it seems to run fine even on XP and Win7 (32bit).

Akabak does not run on 64bit Windows systems. The only workaround is to install the 32bit emulator, which comes with your Windows system

Let us know how you get on :)