getting 5.1 from SPDIF on laptop

Hi everyone,

I have a HP pavilion dv6000 laptop. It has the SPDIF output for digital audio as you can see in the image in the attachment. The problem is; I couldnt find any source on how to use it..

My receiver is a Sony STR DG700. I am trying to carry the digital audio to this receiver...

Hope someone can help..


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Usually, you just enable AC3 passthrough for the sound device and when you play a 5.1 source it'll use the SPDIF output on the PC or lappy.

It looks like you have a 3.5mm jack plug though - I've only seen RCA sockets for SPDIF.

You may be able to select the SPDIF output as the primary sound output device and route all audio through that device.

I can't find anything on the HP website which helps.
If I am not wrong; I will get a coaxial cable, connect one end to the receiver, connect the other end to the mini (jack) adapter and the adapter to the laptop spdif output.

If the above part is correct; wont I lose the digital audio with a regular 3.5 mm to rca cable adapter? Can you send me a link that shows the product I have to buy?

thanks in advance.


2007-09-25 4:14 am
yes that is correct a few laptops and even high-end discmans etc have a standard stereo 3.5mm jack but they have a "red light" inside them (cant remember the name but the light that makes it tick :p) with a 3.5mm tos-link cable, into the standard tos-link connector you will find on the back of almost any 5.1 reciever etc

hope i have been a help :) haydn