German and Japanese Hi-Fi Mags

strange idea somehow. Why should they?
Well I don't know any german magazine published in english.
But then I'm no friend of these either, because the truth-content is vanishingly low and I had the doubtful experience to learn how tests are 'generated'. Apart from hardly any of the guys having the slightest clue what they are writing about, commercial interests dictate the outcome of the bespeaking. Apart from some pics there's hardly any juice. They present not even a good overview whats on the market, since they concentrate on those distributors and names they are getting money from. The really interesting stuff though usually doesn't come from the big names. I assume hat it isn't any different in other countries.
Sad but true, but I couldn't name just one magazine I trust in.


every now and then I get to read some stuff , because the company still subscribes two or three. I only read them in a sitting position -You might guess where .... yes, right where s*** happens- otherwise I´d ROTFL in its most basic and literal sense :D
I find it particularly mortifying when they pretend to be experts by publishing parts of the circuit schematics of the tested devices.
Now a tube cathode follower is so simple that even non-professionals may recognize the topology. For the ´experts´ of that magazine a cathode follower became a SRPP :wave2s: Since the distibutor/company of the tested device really pushes the market with ads, its comes at no surprise that one amp of them in the end got Reference status for Tubes. This example may have been a real alltime low of them, but You can read such misinterpretations or rightous BS in each and every issue.
This magazine is nothing special but these mistakes and misinforation are common. So my faith in them is very low, especially as the niveau or quality of the reviews and even the writing has dropped over the years, which may be a follow up of all those reorganisations in the print media scene especially over the last 2-3 years. The majority of writers are not employees but freelancers anymore and/or the number of personal has been reduced so much, that the editor simply cannot take enough time for a proper review, even if he/she wanted.