Generic active filter / crossover... board... thingie...

Hi folks, I'm looking for or thinking about making a small circuit board that can be used as a "building block" for a bunch for projects I have in mind. eg active crossovers, dipole eq, and "bass management" for HT. My thought was to have a module with a (high quality) dual op-amp, power filtering, and a layout that would accomodate a reasonable number of filter configurations, and use as many as needed to realize each of the above projects. I am aware of the Linkwitz boards but these seem a bit complex for what I want to do.

Any thoughts on this? Does such a thing exist? I have attached a possible "generic schematic" of such a board. Here's a link from rljones which gives a way to get these made if I/we designed the layout my/ourselves. Possible group buy?

Erm... where did the schematic image go? Trying again...


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No, I think it's a good idea.

You should be able to go to fourth order on the board. It should be two channel. It should run off of 2 9v batteries. It should contain RCA input and output jacks. The frequency adjusting components should be solderable to terminal posts (not the board) for frequent changing. Gain must be adjustable.

As to a group buy on the boards, I don't know. Not for me though.