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Genalex A2900 Keep or Sell?

Zero Cool

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2004-09-20 6:10 am
So Digging through my garage o stuff tonight I found a quad set of Genalex A2900's! Apparently these are the Shizz?? the rarest of the rare 12AT7's and worth a fortune????

So the question becomes. sell? or build something with them? Can a phono stage be built with these? or maybe just a line stage??


The photos are not of my tubes but mine look exactly the same.


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2011-06-02 5:11 am
Ya, if they are worth something, you might be farther ahead to sell them. You can use some of the money to buy a couple more 12AX7's.-even blackplates.

Sure they sound good, but are they "that" good. You should easily get over a hundy if they are matched. That buys lot's of local tubes, some sounding just as good.

Edit : I just noticed that they are not in the original boxes, so they may be used. You need to test them to get maximum dollars.
Zero Cool. Hehehehe. Gotta just love the armchair quarterbacks around here commenting on tubes they have never heard.

As DF96 mentioned,the A2900 is not exactly a 12at7 however it is an appropriate sub with a gain structure akin to that of a 5751.

That said, it is without doubt THE defacto sub for any 12at7 and can also be used in many circuits that employ 5751's,7025's and 12ax7's.

It commands the huge sums of money for good reason.

Comparing an A2900 to a Telie ecc801....Sorry sportsfans, friends and soaks. The telie ecc801 is arguably the best of the 12at7 family [which isn't saying much]......the Telie ecc801 or any other nos 12at7 for that matter hasn't a snowballs chance in Hell.
Sonically speaking: The A2900 has no competion! It's pure magic [with a capitol M]

Zero. If you can build a circuit around them? "GO FOR IT"

PS: Glowbug, I would be more than happy to give you a Hundy for your pair, hell I'd even double that offer.