Gday from OZ just looking for a bit of help

A big Hi!

That's a pun based on the fact I live near Byron Bay.

I am a computer geek have been for long enough to have grand kids whom i could gift my Sinclair system to, if I had any, Grandkids that is. But this is not about computers. When I was much younger I was interested in audio and knew all the terminology (are tweeters still called tweeters?) but had to make a decision between audio and computers I found my brain couldn't handle both. Which is an indication of how very very much I know about computers BTW anybody needs advice on comp problems email me.

Anyway recently I came into possession of a Sony FH-B7CD sans speakers (found at local op-shop $5) and a pair of Sony SS-NX1 ($4) and it all works great. Even the tape decks are clean and barely used. Problem is with CD deck says NO CD no matter what I put in it. It has a clicking noise as though trying to read CD.

Then I came across this thread while looking for a manual and it seems that this might be a solid unit worth repairing. I guess this is because of the AMS programming facility.

I also have a gifted TDK NX03 CD unit in PWO that the owner thought was broken because the CD slide door doesn't open using the remote. This is a great little unit and it has replaced the multimedia altec lansings on my computer. Music and games sound awesome :)

So in short I am looking for where to post to get some advice, costs, parts suppliers for these two units.

Thanks very much