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GB: PCB design software download special for DIYAUDIO

Yes, downloaded it and getting set to work with it this weekend...maybe a nice tube based balanced line-stage...

There are some tubes in the main library.
KT66, KT88 12AU7, 12AX7, EL34 and EL84.
If you want to add more there is a component definition wizard.
It has a circular footprint option.
I got my valve bases from Cricklewood Electronics.
Hi Nigel, once again a very big thank you. Here starts the second biggest learning curve in my life. Starting to learn about electronics at my age is not easy. Using a CAD package of any sort, well!, this is a first.
Regards, Kevin

I would recommend watching the demo video first from launcher page.
As you go along the software puts helpful messages on the lower status bar.
If you right click your mouse at any time it will give options that you can click on. The light blue menu bar gives quick options. You can drag and drop recently used items from the list box.
If you need any help don't hesitate to get in touch.
Hi Nigel,

New to this hobby, so are the gerber files and the drill files that can be generated compatible with the PCB manufacturing companies.


Yes its the latest standard Gerber and Excellon files.
I would recommend using JLCPCB as manufacturer as they are very cheap, reliable and fast.
Never had a problem with them.

Regards Nigel