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GB Pass SONY VFET Version 2 - AL Boards by Tea-Bag


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Would be cool to Group Buy nice milled heatsinks for Tea-Bag AL boards like those Nelson did for one pair DIY Sony VFET.
This probably will not happen. )

For now I am out of two 2SK82's to make this two pair version (most critical part).
So thinking to maybe first make DIY VFET amp with Nelson's boards.
Or make this one with one pair per channel and add a second pair in optimistic future.

Can anyone recommend 20 pin. connectors for AL boards from a Mouser store list?
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Thanks for the reply,


Anyone care to comment on VFET matching of 0.4 volts?


I am not sure if anyone else has better insight. It would work. I think we know that one set will run warmer than the next at a fixed applied (negative) bias voltage. Sonically I am not sure if this is deterimental or not, or better than a single set for sound and output power. If no decent answer here, I would ask on Sony V2 build thread. Nelson should be able to guide best. I know on the production units he used a very small source resistor just to check current draw on each unit. This board is not adapter to do that