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GB Pass SONY VFET Version 2 - AL Boards by Tea-Bag

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Ok, This is a summarized information for the GB of Sony Version 2 VFET boards, to build the amplifier. Somewhere along the lines Nelson dubbed it "AL" and so it is called that.



My blog on the Sony VFET2 is here.

Here is the front end. 36mm x 175mm


Here is the Output Stage. 54mm x 285mm

So, here is a schematic to show what is really missing here, and what is added.


Here is the built up version showing the connectors, the Aluminum Angle mounting piece. You must be skillfull and patient to drill the aluminum properly. This should not be your first amplifier.


Recommended Parts
Here is an important piece. The boards are ideally connected via the following 2x10x2.54 headers and pins.
PN are
4 - PPPC102LJBN-RC - Digikey - S5563-ND
4 - PBC10DBAN - Digikey PN- S2111E-10-ND
4- Front end Heatsinks - 637-10ABPE or similar
TL431ACLPR - Buy extra, if something will short, it will likely be these that die. The TL431B were found not to work well. Use "A" type.

Okay, Rundown of current pricing.
Pair of front end boards $15.00
Pair of output boards $34.00

Optional Parts:
4 TO-3 IRF240/9240 can set - two of each = $40
Set of connectors 4-male, 4-female = $18.00
Front end heatsinks set of 4 - $7.00
Dual Rail Power supply boards $25
See http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/blogs/tea-bag/923-dual-rail-power-supply-power-amplifier.html for more info.

Shipping generally starts at $8.00 international or domestic for set of PCBs.

Sign up on spreadsheet and send me a private message with your email and I will send you an invoice.

GB for these will end 2/14/2016 at 11:59PM. This will fall in the middle of the Chinese New Year period so board production afterwards may be a little delayed. They will likely ship in the beginning of March.
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For 2SK
I have a 7.66 and 7.8 available to to trade for the 9.60
For 2SJ
I have a 10.22

I would want to send these for you to measure to see if they match yours enough on your conditions before we horse-trade on anything. For the 2SJ, I might sell you mine as opposed to a trade, as I dont have anything close to 6.54.
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Okay, I am closing this GB at the end of the day, and ordering boards tomorrow.
Please PM asap if your interested. I intend to have very limited stock of these boards afterwards, and because of the lack of availability of parts, not another GB.
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Algar, I have some extra boards. I know for you we were trying to swap around some pairs. We should finish up with that process to see if we can get some working ones for yourself.

Also, others may certainly present any readings of extra unmatched pairs here, if you wish to swap with one another as well.