Gated frequency measurment

I want to make a rig to measure speaker frequency response, but my knowledge is very limited in this area.

I want to make a quiet room or quasi-anechoic, or whatever you call it. And I want to make gated frequency response measurements. I want frequency response graphs of the speaker, without room response.

I was thinking in buying Behringer ECM800 mic + Behringer UM2 audio interface, because their price is low (hopefully not low quality).

Now I am stuck with what software I need to use, to make these measurements. Can you guys recommend me a good piece of software that suits my needs ? Gear recommendations are welcome also. Or maybe gear + software that comes as a complete package.

Thanks !


2010-02-26 7:44 am
Free software to do gated frequency response:

1. HolmImpulse:
HolmImpulse is easy to setup and use for gated measurements. There at least two threads on this forum related to HolmImpulse. I've used this software recently and have had no problems using it, however, I was using an older software package called Speaker Workshop so this made it easier to understand how to use HolmImpulse.

2. REW:
REW is more versatile and can read measurement files made using HolmImpulse. REW has good help and support forums. I've yet to use it for actual measurements but it's good for reading the files I generated using HolmImpulse and displaying the results where it's more versatile and more developed.

ARTA software is also available at a cost and has good documentation. It's a more professional package.

You will need a calibrated microphone for reliable results: I see they have a calibrated USB mic which may be a good solution as it doesn't need a separate mic amp with phantom power. You would still need a sound card or USB audio interface. Alternatively a conventional mic coupled with a USB audio interface like the UM2 would be a solution.