Garrard SL 95 Turntable Motor

I need help with the motor in my Garrard SL95 turntable Motor. It has been setting for about 20 yrs. everything needed taken apart cleaned and greased.

The Motor was making like a grinding sound and was not running up to speed.

I took the motor apart and there was a round disk magnet and a washer the same size diameter as the magnet and was all lose just sliding around. I found that these parts were glued together and had separated. I glued all the pieces together. It now syncs with the speed and once locked in and never varies, BUT:
It takes about 3 or 4 minutes for it to lock in to the right speed.

Here is my question: Does anybody know if the magnet has to be glued to the armature in a certain position, regarding the N pole & South pole of the magnet, to make it sync to the right speed quicker? The idler drive wheel is good.

I have attached a picture of the armature.
Thanks for any, any, any Help


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