Garrard lab 80 wiring....

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I had asked here for comments regarding modifying an old Lab 80, and basically it was suggested that I not do it. However the thing was free, and not a high end "collectable" model, so I think I will do it anyways, hopefully creating a fun , manual garrard Lab 80, (no mechanicals, no electronics, just an on off switch and the speed selector)

The motor has three wires going to it. Red , Blue and Green.
The Green is a chassis ground, I assume the Red is AC positive, the Blue AcC negative.

Am I correct or will this be a shocking experience?

As usual, any and all help is appreciated.
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You might be right, but I doubt it. Garrards typically connected the on/off switch in the middle of the motor, so those wires wouldn't corrrespond to mains. If there's a neon strobe light, one of those wires might be a 90V tapping using the motor as an autotransformer. There are various possibilities. I suspect that you haven't actually found the mains input to the motor.

Could you take a photograph of the underside?
Garrard Lab 80 con't

here's what's under the plinth of the Lab80. I guess I could just wire the motor to a switch directly as long as it is rated for 120V, 10 amps or something like that (don't know the voltage rating on the motor but it is a North American one)

attached is a sketch of the circuit as seen from below. Thanks to any and all...


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Garrard Lab80 wiring....con't

so I took the plunge and just hooked up the wires. Red to +120V, blue to - (return), and green to ground. My god, this is what everyone means about these Garrard motors.... completely silent (ya it was spinning).

So the next step is a fuse, a good switch and remanufacturing the idler wheel..
idler wheels...

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