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Garage Sale of DIY Stuff


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2005-03-05 3:42 pm
Dayton Ohio
Well I am finally giving up on any hopes of using any of the stuff I am putting up for sale. I have no time and space is running out so I am going to sell off a bunch of stuff, mostly drivers and a few odds and end equipment. I will have a link below to my web page of pics, most have a small description just email me for details and price. I would hope someone within driving distance to Ohio, would want it all and save all the packing, but I will give you great prices for buying multiple items. Some examples are Presto grease bearing turntable, Telefunken 8" full range, Heathkit 8" Coaxs, Telefunken Tweets, University 3 way system drivers, still have the cabinets if someone is interested. Anyway drop me a line if interested I also have about 100 tubes of all sorts, mostly small, but do have some Telefunkens.
Any successful buyer?

I sent him a money order in mid-July, but the seller has never positively confirmed that the package is on its way. My last e-mail to him is on 08 Aug, 2005 but has not heard from him till now.

Has anybody successfully bought something from the seller?

To the seller: if there is any misunderstanding here, please let me know ASAP and I will clarify this on this forum.

Thanks for reading this post.