Gapped cores ... where to buy


2005-09-27 2:18 am
Hello all,

Does anybody know where I can buy factory-gapped ferrite ETD cores? Also in small quantity if possible... I live in Europe and it seems a search on the internet only reveals US providers. Needless to say the cost of overseas shipping is very big, rendering the whole project a big money hog.

I am interested in something like this B66367G1000X187 EPCOS (TDK) | Magnetics - Transformer, Inductor Components | DigiKey

Any suggestions are much apreciated. Thank you !
Not quite a direct answer for your question but I can propose the solution we use at work when prototyping magnetic components.

What we tend to do to replicate the effect one would expect from using a gapped core is simply to place some plastic shim material between the two ferrite sections creating a universal gap across the join in the core. Obviously the shim will create multiple gaps, so will need to be thinner than the original gap you are trying to replicate but this generally seems to give workable parts before we get proper cores in.