Gamut amplifier

Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
Certainly you can give it a try. I have built some
Alephs and Zens with the IR TO-240A packages,
and the 500 watt rating is certainly attractive. They
consist of 4 regular sized power chips arranged in
parallel or series/parallel depending on the part.


These are 10 times more expensive than a single
device at 200 watts, which while not a consideration
for me, (mine were samples) will not be ignored by
most everybody else.


You cannot assume the level of matching of the
parts as it appears that they are intended for
switching applications, where Vgs matching is
not so important.


These are cool looking industrial parts, and you'll
be the envy of all your DIY buddies. :)
...... some time ago I have try to layout PCB for this amp , but some resistors wattage are wrong , I have no BOM list , just schematic ......;) below PCB ;)
regards Alex.


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