i was looking in my cupboard when i stumbled across a now defunct sega game gear and wondered if it would be possible 2 use this as an lcd in my diy lcd projector? i have got a tv tuner thingy so connecting an a/v source would not be a problem? if this is possible ppl could get probably get a game gear from a garage sale or car boot sale for less than $30 or bout £20.

has ne1 else tried doing this?

let me know thanks.
bugger ah well it was worth a try, so take it its active matrix lcd u need? im new 2 all of this. thought i could make one dead cheap! ive played ps1 through a/v port on tv tuner n thinkin bout it. it can get a bit mad 2 watch when its movin fast, but watchin t.v on it like fast sports games seems to be ok why?
Hmmm strange I don't see why sports would be a whole lot different then psone games. But hey you already have it and you can learn a lot about projection just by experimenting. Try some different things with it and if it seems to be ok projected then either be happy with that or work towards something better. Active matrix is quite a bit better but your gamegear lcd is worth a try.