Gainclone NE5532 based

my project EVO use C5200 and have Class A auto-biasing:p


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The question is, will it work with single components? Somebody knowledgable in the Forum once indicated that certain topologies only work inside of ICs, because of the excellent thermal coupling. If you realized the same topology in discrete fashion, you might face thermal runaway. But I think it would be interesting to try. If you get it to work, you could get the sound of a chipamp at higher output power.

Now we need to find someone who is willing to try it out. Stee, did you just raise your hand?
you could get the sound of a chipamp at higher Q

if you have an architecture with the same devices (sepp)
that can have gain without timbrical imprinting
and also more current in each stage (more again in Power Supply Unit)

for that reason is better

have battery as PSU (with 18+18V AC and double bridge for charge)

enter with signal directly on inverted input
and use feedback as volume control


  • Class-A chip sound EVO GAIN.PNG
    Class-A chip sound EVO GAIN.PNG
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