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Gainclone LM3875 for sale!


2007-10-06 6:29 am
for sale!

Hello! well I hope I can post this here.I just got a new "Portal Panache"integrated amplifier.but I have a Gainclone LM3875 too.so I will sell my Gainclone to anyone in New York for $100 cash.so you can pick it up.it has a 300va Plitron and 22v secondary,also I just put new "Black Gates"capacitors 1000uf 50v(less than a month old).and also I will include "new" extra boards and the capacitors that came from( Peter) Panasonic 1500uf 50v.the amplifier just need a potentiometer.since it had one but it was a cheap one and I was going to get a TDK Potentiometer for it.but now I will not have use for it.the chassis is from and old Adcom.I paid about $120 just for the caps(4).thank you guys.