gainclone for 4.1 amp

While everyone has their own subjective opinion, there is no basis in fact to suggest the 3875 over the 3886 in any technical terms. In fact, the 3886 is clearly better at some things, such as driving lower impedance loads.

The only thing I have seen or heard that is a plus for the 3875 is that it has a simpler pin arrangemnt, but this is only important for P2P wiring (even then it is a minor consequence).

The 4780 is simply two 3886s in one package. It has very tight pin spacing, but BrianGT has an excellent PCB for it at

There are so many subjective ideas about chip amps on this forum, tyhe best thing to do is build a few for yourself. You may or may not agree with those who opine.

But thats why I got into the hobby. The "Y" in DIY is very crucial.

Peter Daniel also has some excellent PCBs for sale.

the commecially available PCBs are a great place to start.