FXL - 5 Bulb

Hi guys. I have a Dukane (SP4123) 4000 lumens OHP with Hi/Low switch coupled with a Proxima Ovation A822C Panel and the results are very well indeed. Its been a few months now, and I am most sure the bulb will be going out soon, so time to restock. My OHP takes the normal 50 Hour 410w FXL bulb. Will a FXL - 5 Bulb work in my unit?

Thank You.
Quote from www.bulb-source.com

More Information About our /5 bulbs

The /5 indicates a long life rated bulb. The bulb life is usually extended close to twice that of the standard bulb. A /5 bulb is using a thicker filament or the bulb has been filled with a different gas depending upon the type of bulb. The only drawback with using this type of a lamp is that it is not as bright as the standard lamp. However, this difference is usually not noticeable to most users.

I'm going to try one on my Dukane 4003. I'll post the results. I ordered it from cousinsvideo.com