FX loop volume control


2012-01-28 9:30 pm

I have a Guitar Tube amplifier with an FX send-return loop. I would like
to create a passive (or active) volume control (attenuator) to insert it in that FX loop to control the volume of the amp (like master volume).
Should it be be line-level? (in general FX loops work at line level or is it irrelevant and is different from amp to amp?)
A 10K potentiometer should be fine or will I have problems with the impedances?

Any response will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Yes, a simple pot wired as a "volume control" can be stuck in the FX loop as a master sort of control. I have a 250k in a small metal box with in and out jacks, and a pot thusly wired as a handy level adjuster for around the shop. It works fine for this.

Send wired to top leg of pot, ground/gommon wired to bottom leg of pot, and wiper of pot wired to return.