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Fuse size for the Tubelab SE

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Bit irrelevant question, but what should be the voltage & Ampere specifications for IEC power socket thing that goes on chassis?

Russ, if you are reading this, I like what you used with your simple PP amp as IEC/fuse holder/switch 3 in 1 combo. If you remember part no. for it, please let me know. Thanks.
imnewbie: The part you seek is called a power entry module, or more specifically, an IEC 320 style power entry module.

They come as just the cord connector, or you can add a switch, fuse, a line filter, or combinations of the above.

The voltage and current rating for the entry module will exceed what you need for a Tubelab SE or Simple SE; they are typically 250V/15A. If you choose one with a filter the current rating may drop to a few amps but that's still more than you need.

Search Mouser, Digikey, etc for power entry module and you will see your choices. A few common brands are Corcom, Schaffner & Schurter. They come snap in or screw on style; I use the screw on style as I find them more robust.
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If you look at the mouser page for those modules, a few of them are 120-240 "switchable". All that means is there is a plug that you pop-out, spin around, and plug back in. You would connect both windings of a split 120/240 primary to the module and the plug makes the appropriate connections to arrange the primaries in series or in parallel. They work, but are a little confusing to wire-up. It's just a convenience if you wanted to travel with the amp. Other than that there is no voltage rating per se, other than the 250VAC max that DJ mentioned. None of them have EMI filters, IIRC.

If you do get a different module with an EMI filter, then you need to pay attention to the voltage rating.
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