Funny Heat sink pricing

Here is a quote from AAvid:

To compare,

The M&M sink would be $30.00 ea (need two per one AAvid)

Good Morning Dale,

Here is the AAvid pricing you requested. Please let me know if there is
else I can help you with.

763753B1000 -- 20 pc min @ $69.00ea 4-6 wks *NCNR*

692003B10000 -- 15 pc min @ $95.50ea 4-6 wks *NCNR*


2002-03-12 7:46 am
I have a 2ft piece of the 76375 (not anodized) left over from a sample order but the piece I have doesn't have the little L at each end of the outside fins. When I had the heatsink cut at a machine shop most of the fins came out bent and I think laser cutting (expensive) would be the best way to go (so I'm picky).

Yes harvardian, I'm still interested in MATCHED IRF MOSFETS for the Aleph 2 or BrianGT PCBs clones. I wanted to be put on a list cause I wouldn't have the money till next month.
My experience with Aavid is that they are twice the price of most of the competition.... On top of that, they only want to deal with you if you are interested in a truckload...

They must need the $$ to maintain their fancy website...

Ironically, they buy their extrusion from Alcoa...just as most of the other suppliers do...