Fullrange bass

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Hi all DIY gurus here,
well female brains even a petite blonde LOL
sometimes are going wild. I do have lot's of brain , bon

An open baffel bass would it work with a Manger driver or
will not ?

If the answer will be a 110% NO, I do forget about.

If not, I will explain what i found digging in this forum
and why my attention made blink blink:smash: :smash: :smash:
Well my intention has not been to make a cross post
but the Manger thread is somewhat flooded by
the idea of back loading and this will be a big, very big
folding to work. I do hat this kind of furniture.

so here it comes

digging around
found this


going down

Hi Doug,

For even better a bargain 2 of these (per side) will set you back about the same http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/t...onics&n=507846.
A large baffle is a must (see pic). The PE has a nice rising response that you might be able to get away without any EQ. for "woofer" bass.
Good luck building.



I 'm ashamed, as I do know nothing about them
going on the Pyle page I'm somewhat lost
to get any information on this driver
but it sounds to good to be true

the bass open baffle would be combined with a Manger in a round dish
a simple active x over D class Amp

What will the gurus advice me about open baffle bass ????
keen to learn and get any information
but open Baffel Bass and a Manger in a round dish
sounds very attractive to me

I did found once
that this one would be good or even perfect for an open Baffel woofer
a Pyle PLG 15

any good for open baffle ??

a car speaker

why an open Baffel woofer for a Manger ?

I do like the open airy sound and
the idea of keep it simple
the manger has to be x over not to low
minimum 500 cycles better a bit more
and to have a simple active x over

and very important not to move a heavy box around
as I'm going to China end of year and will take it there

maybe an stupid idea, but....
Audio Elevation domain is for sale now, but they had a model with manger+ripole. I can imagine having the ripole resonance within the used frequency range could be a problem in time domain, even filtered correctly, so maybe they crossed low.
This 15"er is OB-suitable, would allow a 1st order x-over (rarely found in pro woofers), has enough power for boosting, and Panomaniac reports it sounds tight, what is important when you mate it with a Manger.
13.000 Euro
are you crazy !!!!!!
ok some driver from Jordan
other can do the trick much more cheaper
Mangers, they use some cheapish 12 sorry
and others on their DIY page 15's in huge boxes
what the hell is a fast bass ??
I've been years on the basslist and all fast bass talk
is nothing as a myth
an deep organ pipe is a very fast bass to.

is backloading producing a fast bass?

:smash: :smash: :smash: :smash:
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.