Full-tube 2005

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Hey all,

What? FULL-TUBE 2005 DIY fullrange speaker and tube equipment show and get together.

Where? Syracuse NY. Radisson Hotel

When? Saturday July 9th

We needed a fun get together/shindig for all us diseased full range/tube people. So I took it upon myselft to pick a date, city (reasonable drive from New England, Toronto, Montreal, Philly, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, NYC, Jersey, Celeveland etc....) and nice hotel with conference/meeting rooms.

I called a number of Hotels, asking about conference rooms etc.. Of the hotels available with such rooms, the Radisson was the nicest in on par pricing. Will reserve 29x25 room next week. The price of it is $350. So.... bring you stuff and we'll all just split the cost. I think if we get more than 10-15 (I am hoping for more like 20-25+?!) people interested in dragging their gear out.... than next size up room might not be bad idea (37x30 @ $500). They have larger rooms should there be alot of participants.

This is FUN get together. If you have stuff you want to sell.... I don't care, if no one else does.

Please send me e-mail (tim@trialsin.com) if you are interested. This way I can calculate how many people want to participate (i.e. room size/cost).
I am setting cutoff date of June 15th for determining viability of this. I am (unless someone else has better ideas) using $50 cutoff per participant (i.e. if it divides up per person to be more than that for the room.... we can the idea). I do not want anyones money until we determine things are a go June 15th.... then I will pre-pay for the room. Anyone after that is of course welcome to join in.......

Any one that wants to attend but is not dragging anything to show...... I say, come on! There will be no money asked of you (though buying a round at the lounge later would be nice ;).

OK guys and gals.... let me know if your all up for a good time!

Tim Williamson
no go...

Hey all,

Well, time as come and gone.... and only two people interested in doing a get together in Syracuse, NY. So reservation of meeting room has been cancelled. In thinking more about it, hey.... it's the middle of summer and most people would rather be cranking up their grill outside!

Anyone have idea for get together in North East..... definatly count me in......

The minute you labeled your event a "tube" and "full range" event you probably eliminated a large group of DIYers who might have participated if it had been billed as simply a DIY audio event. Also the summer months are probably not the best time for such an event, just ask my wife and kids.

I am within easy driving distance of Syracuse, but really had no interest in participating in an event limited to tube driven full range drivers. My Lowther full range speaker systems are set up to be driven by higher power solid state amps and would probably sound terrible driven by a lot of tube amps.

If you had advertised your event as a DIY audio show, you might have gotten all kinds of interesting designs and hardware for people to see and hear, tube driven full range driver systems would be a subset of a bigger event. I have attended such an event in Boston. It was very interesting and exposed me to equipment and speaker systems that I would have never had the chance to experience.

It occured to me when had my Porter House on the grill the other day there were numbers of reasons why summer might not be best. At that moment the smell of that wonderful peice of meat being slathered in Lea&Perrins sauce.......well, let's just say music/stereo stuff was not remomtly near top item on my mind.

As for catagories. Thanks for the insight. I just assumed that there were enough people in the greater Cleveland/Toronto, Boston, Washington DC triagle to pull of tube-fullrange gig. I personally am intrigued by it all and the thought of having solid state in the same room does not cause me to convulse uncontrollably.

So, guess at this point the question should be asked. How many of you in the North East have any interest in DIY/Bring what you got gig? Date?.... obviously not too close to holidays. So maybe either October or January/February?
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