Full Range Speaker recommendations for portable audio


2013-03-16 11:14 pm
Hi all,

I am trying to build a compact portable speaker as DIY project. I am new to building audio equipment and i apologize if my questions sound trivial. I am looking for some recommendations regarding the kind of speakers i should be using for the project , here is what i think i am looking for :

  • Small size 3-4"
  • Good sound quality ( something on par the logitech boom-box)
  • Full range ( so that i can simplify the construction)
  • Fairly loud ( enough for a 400-500 Sq.Ft room)

Thanks in advance,


2013-03-16 11:14 pm
Thank you very much for the suggestions, i will purchase two of each and test them out in my design.

I have found one more driver The Madisound Speaker Store . they are built by Fostex, how would you rate them in comparison to the Alpair's and CHR-70's ?

Also is there anything specific i should be looking out for when I am designing a portable speaker, such as power efficiency etc. Do Neodymium magnet speakers perform better?
+1 on the CHR 70 for a smallish boombox. Very pleasant and accurate speaker in my experience.

I've swapped a few in and out on my project, including the CSS fr125s and the 4" Tangband Bamboo. I've gotten the best sound in a small box out of the CHR 70. A benefit is that the front is all plastic/rubber, with no gaps that dist or liquid can get into.

I did add a pair of the little cheap tweeters that Apex Jr. sells--I think they're made by Audax. Gives a little more top-end sizzle, but not mandatory.