Full range Riley 2 double mouth MBVR

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My interest in DIY speaker building has been growing and having had a couple of moderate attempts at standard multiway I'd been looking at what project could be attempted next. Full range designs sparked an interest for a few reasons. Curiosty as to how the enclosure could be used to help musical presentation (given the small driver units) and the cost (as the number of drivers is fewer) and crossover components negated.

I plumped for the Riley 2 double mouth MBVR as its based around the respected Alpair 6 and size wise fits the room.

I had Avon Plywood cut the birch ply and then routed the internal braces, speaker recesses and biscuit jointed all the external walls. I lined the internals with about 0.5 inch wool panels. Lots of glue and clamps later and after a quick sand the divers were flush installed and binding posts fitted and connected.

All had gone pretty well so far. As I hooked them up to the hifi, fatal flaw discovered. I'd not made them left and right handed! After a bit of magic with the router, problem solved....still hacked me off mind. I've yet to apply any stain as I quite like the birch ply finish, but, have been considering veneer to hide the fix to one side panel.

Sound wise I've rather had my breath taken away. Initial impressions were that the bass, although not room shaking, was more than respectable. Detail from mid to treble is a real strength although the treble started bright I added some additional wool above and below the drivers and the sound is a lot more balanced and treble less shouty. In the blurb from Alpair they mention a 100hr break-in. This is true, they are improving the more they are used. Sound staging is good and rather suprisingly handle all music types.

Overall, for less than £200 these are a remarkable design and I'm now on the hunt for another full range build...... suggestions gratefully received


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