Full range driver in black plastic fish bowel.....

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Full range driver in black plastic fish bowl.....

Hi all,

Well I have been planning many DIY projects over the last few months, but decided to start off small and simple. I need a small close to the wall pair of kitchen speakers - cheap and cheerful, so.......

I am looking for a little advice on driver choice....

I have bought 2x 'Black plastic gold fish bowls' on evilbay - see link:

BLACK Fish Bowl For Cocktails & Party Drinks 3 Pints - Cheapest On Ebay | eBay

Cheap as chips and I thought I could stick a couple full range drivers in there and a lot of polyfill/wool and have a couple reasonably nice looking mini speakers.....

The bowls have approximately a 5 inch opening and are 3 litre volume.

So I was thinking about either porting them, or keeping them sealed and with the close wall placement putting up with a limited bass extension - they are for the kitchen so massive bass isn't a requirement.

Any suggestions on reasonable drivers that would work in a 3 litre sealed enclosure? (looking for up to £50....ish)

Thanks for your wisdom and advice in advance!
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I don't know about the inside, but the choice of a curved baffle is very good
for speaker location.
As long as you stuff it with acrylic wadding (?...also natural wool or felt) you won't have to worry about the internal reflections, which I presume happen homolaterally and that's bad ...
But my post had the purpose of suggesting you to add mass to the fish bowl
internally, such as tar foils from a (car) bodyshop or anything else that may put some thickness to the bowl.
You can divide the bowl by cutting it into two parts ( also not by passing by the equator :confused::eek::p ) so you can make a double reflex.
The driver....
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Nice find on the bowls! I have been looking for spherical speaker enclosure alternatives. You probably want to mount a flat plywood face on the 5 in opening with adhesive and cutout a smaller hole for driver. Any 3 in to 4 in Tang Band full range driver will probably work. Another suggestion is the Visaton FRS8 or FR10. Also, look at Vifa TC9FD. For good sound you can't go wrong with Fostex FF85WK. You just need to run a BR or sealed box sim with WinISD to see which is ideal. Look forward to your build.
Yep - could go co-axial I guess.

But I have had another crazy thought - I could try the BMRs as up firing flooders on the kitchen worktop.
Just sit the bowls on their flat base as they were designed and use the excellent off-axis response of the BMRs to flood the kitchen.....

I think I might try this first and see how it works.....
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