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Full Range Boxes

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Two pairs of boxes - Fostex 125wks up for trade.

The drivers in the red boxes have been treated with clear acrylic - not much to look at but they sound better than a untreated pair.

Send a PM if interested.


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Another Happy Customer


Really flexible with what is on the work bench (good size stack); still have 2 pairs of the 125s drivers.

I did sell a few of the boxes - This fellow re-painted one of the red pairs. He picked up the drivers from P10 (not hard to guess that one).


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Make Offer - USA ship only

Here's a prototype pair not using.
I did make another pair after this using better wood; hanging on to that pair.

Drivers needed:

The Madisound Speaker Store

The Madisound Speaker Store

Use 7 - 8oz of speaker damping wool also.

Used Home Depot 3/4" birch ply (not as good as Baltic Birch). One is lined with felt, which is better. So some work will be needed to line the one on left (could also add extra lining the one on right, something like dyanmat would be good also.

btw, there are ports on both sides, so it's a BR with flare ports.

Third pic is for reference only, not selling speaker drivers.


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SOLD! Untitled.jpg

Thanks for looking.

Still have these and still up for sale. Had them outside today, sounded great using a Luxman R-114.

Price drop, $50 each, price does include the oak, unfinished, side port boxes as shown. Cabinets are lined with felt and have 4oz of damping wool inside.

Drivers: The Madisound Speaker Store

What you see is what you get.

Send PM if interested.
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