Fujitsu 5200 power transistors in TO220 packaging?

I was looking through my stash of components, many of them compiled many years ago, and found Fujitsu 5200 and 1943 transistors, but in TO220 packaging. Going by the way they are packed in a tube and knowing where I procure from, I am sure I procured these from DIgikey or some other very reputed retailer in the US.

I have never heard of TO220 packaging for these transistors. I don't know how I did not notice this earlier. Do you know whether this is genuine? Do these transistors come in TO220 too?

I have separately procured the same transistors (not Fujitsu) in TO264/TO247 packaging. I have those too.
Yes I think so I remember seeing these a while ago I can't seem to find anything now though.

Actually, now that I'm searching more carefully, I can see some products on Digikey:

FJP1943OTU Fairchild Semiconductor

Mine look exactly the photo, but these seem to be Fairchild products, not Fujitsu. I didn't even know they existed, and I am discovering them in my own stash. I can't tell you how stupid I am feeling.