FT-1600 MkIII


2009-10-02 10:27 pm
as a happy owner of a DIY MKII from Bob, I just one day looked up to exchange my 167E driver(it has a small pierce, nothing that influence the sound) and to my supprise fostex discontinued the production...:confused:
I saw there are new ones FE166En, with lower FS but higher Xmax.
According to the data I dont belive it would be working if I just put them in the MKII encloasure, am I right? :scratch2:

Bob Brines

2003-01-31 10:11 pm
That's why I mentioned that he's often around here.

I don't pipe up to often, but I'll always out there!:yikes:

The FE166En simply needs a smaller box than the FE167E. The main difference between the MkII cabinet and the MkIII cabinet is the depth. There is also a slight difference in the tuning and stuffing (the MkIII tunes a bit higher than the MkII). On the bright side, the FE166En has a better top end and all around sounds nicer.

But, there is no simple way to take the depth out of the MkII cabinet to optimize if for the FE166En. Unless you want to start over, I'd recommend you live with what you have.