FS5KM-10 substitute

anyone who knows the possible substitute for this transistor...FS5KM-10...switching component in Power Supply Section of panasonic DVD with VHS combo player with 110VAC Mains.Sad to say that i didnt got the model #.
Just this transistor.
Please give me substitute which is easiy to find in any electronic stores.


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
Something like BUZ90AF (AF= Fully insulated package) possibly. Used in a lot of S.M.P.S. Usually a reason for failure, check for dry joints on chopper TRX and dried up electrolytics and any S/C diodes on secondary.
Regards Karl
Thanks..another is ...do you have any source of Panasonic DVD+VCR combo Player model NV-VHD1?
i need only the schematic of its Power supply section..the chassis NO. is VEP01903??

I have to conduct voltage checking/readings...i cant identify these parts:Q1200,R1160,and D1152.

Also,is C1959 can possibly replace by C1815?