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FS: Yaqin CD-1 Tube Buffer w/Mullard 6DJ8 Tube. Adds tube warmth to any system.


2010-02-08 2:55 pm
I just purchased a tube amp so I am selling my Yaqin Model CD-1 Tube Buffer. These tube buffers act as simple cathode followers and add tube warmth to any solid state system. Particularly good placed after digital sources such as CD players and MP3 players. Really does make listening more enjoyable and less fatiguing. Particularly nice mid range presentation with clear highs that are not shrill. If you Google these you will see they are well liked.

The Tube Buffer comes with a 6DJ8 Mullard A-frame tube upgrade, made in Great Britain, badged under the RCA label. This unit has absolutely no signs of wear or scratches. The item looks new and has no issues. Included in the sale is the original box, power cord, 1 new unused 6N1 tube that came with the unit, 1 Mullard 6DJ8 tube.
The Mullard was checked on a Heathkit TT-1a tube tester, and was found to have no shorts or gas, and plenty of remaining life.

$100 plus shipping

For fastest response please send email to: [email protected]

Thanks for looking!


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