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FS: x7 Telefunken E88CC (Gold Grid posts version) x6 Telefunken ECC803S

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I was going to list some tubes on £Bay from an old military unit here in Sweden and thought I could check if there was any interest for them on the forums first.

However. The idea was to sell them Auction Style in pairs, except from the seventh E88CC GoldGrid which I were about to list on it’s own.
Due to no “real” tube tester other than an Euratele v2, which some says isn’t that usable(?) Made me think I should wait and see what you guys have to say about testing them with it.

So far I have seven Telefunken E88CC tubes and all of them has the same codes and gold grid posts, and off course, the diamond between the pins.
Then I have six Telefunken ECC803S tubes and four of them has the same codes and the other two are coded differently. Even those has the diamond between the pins.

Furthermore, there was some Telefunken E88CC without the golden grids which also has the diamonds between the pins.
A Telefunken EL34 (still sealed), and a single Telefunken ECC802S with the diamond between the pins where also in the lot. Maybe there could be more of these two, haven’t gone through the whole lot yet but i start with the E88CC GoldGrid’s and the 803S´s at first.

Since I've never seen the E88CC GoldGrid version(s) on ebay and the prices of the ECC803S seems to vary a bit and I don't really know exactly what you want from these two types, maybe the same codes / maybe not. A pair, two pairs or all of them.. So send me a pm with your offer.

The location of the tubes is in Europe; Sweden.
PayPal or Bank-transfer
Sending with Tracked shipping. (If you have the possibility of pick them up in person, I’m fine with that too).

I have Skype if you prefer to speak instead of just texting, or if you want to see them in realtime.

Just ask if you have any questions or want detailed/closeup pics of the tubes. :)


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.