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FS: Welborne labs DRD300b (UK)


2006-11-30 10:25 pm
Hi All,

for sale, my Welborne Labs 300B DRD monoblock amps:

These were built a few years ago (transformers wired for 230V/50Hz) but have been in (dry well-packed) storage for 2 years since I switched from Lowther to Quad ESL speakers.

Much as I would like to hold on to these gorgeous amps, I am happy with the Quads so have no practical use for 8 watts of SET power :(

In excellent condition, these were constructed with the 'Ultimate upgrade' option so feature teflon/gold valve sockets and several Black gate caps.

Cost nearly 1000 quid after duty/VAT etc but as I am realistic about resale prospects for kits, asking £550 ovno

The input valves are fine (used 2000 hours of rated 10000) but the original TJ meshplates 300Bs were beginning to show a hint of noise, so I will include a new set of Valve Art 300Bs and 2 new sets of input valves as well.

Audition possible (on a rather mismatched setup as mentioned) and collection from Twickenham encouraged