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FS: Waveguides WG300, Jantzen, WG148R-SS mod

Following waveguides for sale:

Monacor WG300 - 1 pair, new, not used, 10E/pair

Visaton WG148R - modified for Scan Speak tweeters, see rear part of throat, fits to XT25, DX25 and Scan Speak siblings, also SS 6600, 7000, 7100 etc. Tweeter faceplate has to be removed first to fit this WG. Just small board of MDF is needed to press fit. 2 pairs available, new, not used. 50E/1pair. 1pair RESERVED

Jantzen WG - used for measurement only, 1 pair, 60E/pair. SOLD.

EU shipments only.


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