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FS: Wavecor drivers

Here is what I have in Wavecor:

Take 40% off list for a pair. Take 50% off for 2 or more pairs.

List Qty Ohm Model Size Note
160.00 4 8 WF182BD10 18cm Fiberglass
130.00 6 4 WF152BD01 15cm Nomex
130.00 2 8 WF152BD02 15cm Nomex
130.00 6 4 WF152BD05 15cm Fiberglass
067.00 2 4 TW022WA04 22mm Neo Magnet
060.00 6 4 TW022WA05 22mm Ferrite Magnet
060.00 6 4 TW022WA06 22mm FerroFluid
090.00 2 4 TW030WA05 30mm 114mm flange
080.00 2 4 TW030WA09 30mm 104mm flange
166.00 2 - PR223BD01 22cm PassiveRadiator

Four of WF182 with two of TW030WA05 would make for a powerful MTM speaker pair.

Philip Bamberg
Bamberg Audio :: Speakers for Life