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FS: Vintage Kenwood KA-7002 Integrated Amplifier


2010-04-10 1:44 pm
East Coast
This is a solid state amplifier built about 1973 during the days when quality meant something. Output is 50 watts per channel RMS and can drive 2 sets of speakers and actually has connections for 3 pairs of speakers. It has stepped tone controls which have two different turnover points. Has inputs for 2 turntables, 2 aux. as well as a tuner, 2 tape decks and a microphone. This amp has jacks for preamp out and power amp in so it can be used as separates.

The amp has new matching outputs from "ON semiconductor", main filter capacitors, bias trimmer pots, idle current trimmer pots, and other capacitors installed.
The front panel is perfect with only a scratch on the volume knob and the missing aux1 light. This is a well made amplifier with solid aluminum knobs and weighs 22 pounds before packing. International buyers welcome with adjusted shipping rates.

$289 plus $38 shipping in the CONUS. PM if interested.



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