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FS : Vintage 3-ways speakers (6 drivers + X-over) from Philips

FS : Vintage 3-ways speakers (6 drivers + X-over) from Philips, all for 75 USD

Hi everyone,

Up for grab if a pair of 3 ways speakers drivers from Philips, this was a kit sold in the 80’s.

How about $50 USD for everything, excluding shipping. Paypal is fine.
Items for sale (all genuine Philips) are as follow;

2 x Philips AD12100/W8 woofers, 97db eff.
2 x Philips AD0210/SQ8 mids
2 x Philips AD0160/T4 tweeters.
2 x Crossover.

Based on some research, the recommended enclosure is : Sealed type, 2 cubic feet.

All drivers are in working conditions but sold as is due to age.

Dust cap on woofers were recently replaced with new ones. (see pic. no.2)

Shipping and related custom, export duties are not included in above price.

Thanks and best regards,


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Yes Dave, almost certainly. We had the same kit in Australia. It was the next model afterwards that was the doped textile units.
Btw, not mad keen on the X-over. That is one with a model number containing 500/4500 for the cross-over frequencies.
They were many 6db/oct slopes with a 12db hi-pass for the tweeter. All the literature from Philips at that time would recommend a 2nd order feed to the 2" domes as well. (But they could be easily modified with a 2-3mH inductor after the 22uF cap.)

And every AD12/100W8 in Australia has lost their dust caps too from what I can see!!!
Cheers, Jonathan
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