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Fs: Vifa Xt25tg30-04 Dual Concentric Dome Tweeter

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For Sale: one pair of Vifa Xt25tg30-04 Dual Concentric Dome Tweeters


This superb tweeter features a patented dual concentric diaphragm and a unique wave guide center plug which provides an excellent on and off axis response. This tweeter is known for having a very "natural" sound with an extremely smooth frequency response that extends well beyond the human hearing range. The dual chamber design allows for a low resonant frequency and crossover point making this tweeter perfect for 2-way applications. * Power handling: 99 watts RMS/140 watts max * Nominal impedance: 4 ohms * DC resistance: 3 ohms * Frequency range: 1,500-40,000 Hz * Magnet weight: 8.5 oz. * Fs: 500 Hz * SPL: 91.5 dB 1W/1m * Dimensions: A: 4-1/8", B: 2-15/16", C: 1-13/16", D: 2-15/16".

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They are a few months old. Have been used only for a week or so and not abused as I only have a 20 watt tube amp. I tried them out in my Ariel Speakers and didn't like the sound better than my existing tweeters.

$75 per pair plus shipping or best offer (new is $120/pr + ship)
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