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FS: Velodyne subwoofer amps...

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Hi All,

2 Velodyne amps to sell, plus one monitor audio.

I don't have dummy loads big enough to know if the class D amp really puts out 1kw RMS continuously, but it really can put out 150v peaks into an 8ohm load.

Velodyne SPL10, 1000w RMS, Class D amp - $350
If you aren't sure what you are doing, this amp might not be for you, it can put out more than enough voltage to kill you or someone else...

Velodyne DLS-R, minimum 150w RMS, Class AB amp - $100
Incorporates some sort of DSP, but I don't have the means to access the functions, the default 'mode' seems to work perfectly as a normal sub. If you get an infra-red reciever and the remote from Velodyne you can play with the other modes.

Monitor Audio Radius 360, 100w/4ohms, Class AB - $75
Based on the rail voltages and power output I measured, I think this amp is underrated, I used an 8 ohm woofer and was getting 100w easily, so I assume it can drive a 4ohm load to higher powers.

Pictures available apon request,

monitor audio amp...

...is a sub-amp, from a radius 360 sub.




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back of SPL II amp


Here is a picture of the back of the SPL II amp. You can't see much, the power amp is in the aluminum can, while the 'pre-amp' is on a pcb mounted under the rest of the assembly.

I have no idea how old/used the amp is. It was sold to me as a non-working product, I diagnosed the problem and ultimately fixed it.

I don't have any schematics, it's a current velodyne product, so they are understandably cagey about service info. From the brochure on Velodynes website it seems the low pass crossover is adjustable from 40-120, 12db/oct or can be bypassed, absolute phase can be switched, 0 or 180. High pass is fixed at 80, 6db/oct. You can check out the 3 models of sub that use this at this link...this is from the 10" model.


Based on what I've seen wandering around the web I think $300 is pretty reasonable for a 1kw amp, hence my original price.



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While I have a box with plate amps in it, but the only thing I know for certain is that they are not working.

My life became increasingly busy once I got married and my 'fixing' time has diminished to the point where nowadays I am just end up storing a lot of broken things ;-)

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