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FS - Various Drivers (RAAL, Scanspeak, Tone Tubby, 21" Sub) - Sydney, Australia

SOLD - 2x RAAL Dipole 140-15D-AM ribbon tweeter,
AVAILABLE - 2x Scanspeak 12MU/8731T00 4" midrange,
AVAILABLE - 2x Tone Tubby Alnico Red 8" Midbass,
AVAILABLE - 2x Pyle-Pro PDW21250 21" Subwoofer

Location: Sydney, Australia

Price (all prices in AUD):
Scanspeak $300 for pair,
Tone Tubby $400 for pair,
Pyle $400 for pair

Item Condition:
1x Scanspeak has cracked frame on two sides (measures and sounds fine),
1x Tone Tubby has ripped cardboard around front edge of frame (was attached to a ring using double-sided tape).
All other drivers in great condition.

Reason for selling: Disassembling open-baffle 4-way for sale.

Hi All,

These high-end drivers are fantastic performers and priced to go. They have been removed from their enclosures. As the drivers are heavy, I'd prefer to have the buyer pick them up.

Scanspeak - Quality little midrange. I dropped one of them, cracking the frame in two places, but the cone and surround are fine. It could be repaired, but even without repair, it should work perfectly fine when secured to a baffle. I ran them in a hanging configuration with the damaged driver and could not detect any degradation to sound quality or measurements.

Tone Tubby - This wonderful alnico magnet paper cone midbass is silky smooth. There's nothing out there that compares.

Pyle - I ran this 21" sub with 300W in a H-frame dipole configuration and it did not disappoint. It did require extensive EQ to work down low in this configuration (inherent to dipoles), so if you wish to use them in this way, you'll need a DSP. These are super heavy, so probably best for pickup sale only (Sydney, Australia).

Feel free to contact me for more photos or info.




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the Raal are interesting, but I don't even know what it is I am looking at. Can you explain the arrangement please?

Hi There,

The RAAL is a dipole transducer. The standard version of this has a rectangular mounting plate for mounting on a typical baffle. This version instead has a custom baffle-free mounting plate which is used in a hanging configuration.

The reasoning behind this:
- The dipole bandwidth of a transducer is HF limited by the baffle size. At frequencies where the wavelength is large relative to the baffle size, the front and rear wavefronts are free to interact with one another, resulting in dipole behaviour. At frequencies where the wavelength is small relative to the baffle size, the front and rear wave fronts are attenuated by the baffle and cannot interact. Thus, minimising the baffle size allows one to extend the HF limit of dipole behaviour.
- Furthermore, in the setup pictured, felt has been attached to the transducer such that the directivity at frequencies above the dipole bandwidth of the transducer still mimics that of dipole operation.

If one wishes to use these drivers in a normal baffle, I believe that RAAL may be able to provide a rectangular mounting plate.