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FS Used (soh>90%) lithium batteries 11.1v 30ah Kokam cells and Mascot battery charger

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FS Used (soh>90%) lithium batteries 11.1v 30ah Kokam cells and Mascot battery charger


I have for sale 2 used lithium batteries and also an used lithium battery charger.

One important thing to mention, these are not startup batteries for scooters or stuff like that!
I used these to power up my ESS SABRE DAC and his legato output stage so the use on them is very light.
The batteries are 3s9p(11.1v 30ah) built with Kokam SLPB526495 which is a 3.3ah cell at 29euro/piece
SLPB526495 TW | Acquista Batteria LiPo | Kokam | Distrelec

The total capacity of the batteries when they were new was 30ah. Now since these are used their capacity is a bit lower. Both being at +28ah which is more than 93% state of health.
The batteries have control electronics which protect the cells for under discharge or overcharge.
The maximum charge/discharge current supported by the electronics is 7 amps.
The batteries are not short circuit protected!
One of the batteries has also balancing circuits for the cells.
The batteries are Swiss made.

The battery charger is a Mascot 2040 and is specially designed to charge 3s lithium cells with a maximum charge current of 4amps


I am asking 500eu for both batteries and I will give the charger as a gift.
Or if bought separately 300eu each of the batteries and 40eu the charger.
Shipping to Europe only. Paypal payment.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. At request I can do also a capacity test and provide the graphic for it.

Thanks and best regards !


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Probably too expensive for 2nd hand batteries especially if they’re showing power loss already. After all I can get 54 brand new Samsung 18650 cells for €290 and build it myself.

Try selling the cells individually on ebay or similar. The diy solar bunch would like them.
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Please don’t compare Kokam with Samsung.
You are right, with that money you will buy only the cells but to have a complete battery you have to add battery supports, control electronics, power switch, fuse and an enclosure.

Sorry that I ask but did you actually build a complete battery in it’s enclosure?
I ask because I have already built a few thousands of automotive batteries and to be honest I think I can use someone like you to show me some insights to built the next ones already in the order.

Best regards and thanks for the up

Ps. These batteries lost less than 10% of entire capacity and have more than 1000 cycles each, if you manage the same performance with Samsung cells(you can chose any 18650 model that you wish) you have my hats off
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Got your point now but it’s more convenient (for me) to sell them as they are and for the buyer it’s more safe because of the already installed bms. I don’t want to hear that the buyers house caught on fire because of misusing the cells, this in case the buyer is less experienced in using lithium cells.
I am happy if my buyers(clients) are happy.
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